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Please Note: All of the material provided for download here is property of LaBraid Fundraising Inc. You may use this material only to promote a fundraiser setup through LaBraid Fundraising Inc. Any illegal usage of these data files is strictly prohibited, and may be punishable by Law.

Parent Letters

Beginning Parent Letter

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Once dowloaded, personalize this letter for your group. Send it out along with the order forms. Also, you may want to consider having a parent kick-off meeting, in which you can serve samples of our product for the parents to try. This will build momentum and excitement for increased sales!

Mid Sale Parent Letter

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Download, personalize, and send out in the middle of your fundraiser. Remember, you can’t communicate too much. It is easy to get busy with life and forget about the fundraiser form sitting on the counter.

Press Release Letter

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Download, personalize, and submitt to your local newspaper or group newsletter. Inform the community about your fundraiser to help increase your sales!